My Awesome Lists

These are just some of my favorite things put into list format. Hope you enjoy

Favorite Hobbies

Favorite Genre's of Music

Favorite Bands

  1. Metallica
  2. Slipknot
  3. Avenged Sevenfold
  4. Tool
  5. Alice in Chains

Favorite Songs

  1. Blackened
  2. The Negative One
  3. The Shortest Straw
  4. Orphan
  5. Thoughts and Prayers

Some of My Favorite People

Brandon Smith
I've known this guy for pretty much all my life and without him I don't think I'd ever be the same person. We were even legal brothers at one point which I think is kinda cool.
Raven Boatwright
I met Raven during 7th grade but we weren't really the best of friends but we got along pretty well. However, during high school something changed for some reason and now we're like brothers.
Jazmin Delk
This is my niece and she's really cool. I used to be so mean to her so I'm kinda surprised she puts up with me now, she's always super sweet as well.
Ashley Lamb
Ashley is someone I just met this year and so far we've been pretty good to one another. I don't really know what else to say besides that it's definitely a different relationship compared to the others.